Dedication and Precision

Our team specializes in identifying and acquiring land parcels ripe for development. The due diligence analysis and development feasibility is weighed carefully to insure meaningful results

Maximizing Possibilities

Texas Group strives to deliver investment opportunities that provide best/max use potential and return

Focused Planning

Texas Group adds value to its acquisitions by securing government entitlements, reimbursement incentives, and developing tracts through the construction phase

Texas group is a full-service land development firm that offers its partners attractive investments opportunities while adding value to communities throughout Texas.

Locating and Securing

Finding the right tracsis key for any successful development endeavor. Texas Group targets and secure desirable land in both suburban and rural markets.

Land Acquisition

Parcels ripe for development undergo a rigorous feasibility analysis in which optimal land use and planning is taken into account along with available incentives.

Development and Execution

Texas group manages all aspects of land development and execution including design, planning,reimbursement management and marketing

Our sourced and developed lots serve as homes in flourishing communities throughout Houston

  • Research & Sourcing

    Land investments are geared towards geographical areas showing active growth that are mature enough for development within a two to five-year time frame

  • Due Diligence

    A tract’s success rests in vigorous due diligence that takes place during the feasibility period

  • Development

    Upon acquisition of an investment property, we immediately begin to add value by securing government entitlements, reimbursement commitments, and utilities permits

  • Marketing

    We strive to deliver investment properties with best/max use potential coupled with a minimum holding period and maximum ROI for investors

Texas Group Associates & Partners

We work on each project with the most professional companies in the market

Selected Projects

Texas Group manages a portfolio which includes projects tailored to our client and partner needs

Builders we have worked with